Hi all,


We would like to clarify a few points that seem to have been misunderstood:


We have gone through significant engineering efforts to provide full backwards compatibility with the release of SCiO 1.1. This means that any model built with SCiO 1.0 is applicable to users of SCiO 1.1, with the same level of accuracy. In other words: if you built a successful model with your SCiO 1.0 devkit, users of SCiO 1.1 will be able to use it. Your Devkit is not obsolete and can you continue to use it to build models which will serve the whole community of SCiO users: both 1.0 and 1.1.


However, please note that only one version of SCiO can be used in a single collection when creating a model and collecting data – either 1.0 or 1.1.


We are committed to continually improving our products, and our customers expect us to continue innovating and delivering better products over time.


As we continue innovating, backward compatibility is very important to us. We will naturally strive to continue releasing improved versions of the SCiO, but as we do this we will continue to ensure that work already done by our developer community remains effective for newer models of the product.



The Consumer Physics Team