Hi yedaoxiang!
I am rally sorry, but you are not giving enough information about what you are trying to do.
a) Are you trying to make a new collection featuring apples?
b) What is your objective?

c) Do you understand how to set up a new collection.

d) Do you understand that value attributes need you to have values to enter?


Maybe an example would be good.
If you wanted to create a collection on sweetness of fruit it could be very simple.

First attribute could be Fruit type (mandatory string from List) – here you enter the fruits you want to test.

Second attribute could be sugar content (mandatory, value, concentration %.

– you would need a method of determining the exact sugar content – a $25 refractometer would do.

Third attribute could be sample ID (mandatory string) – here you would enter a unique ID per sample.

Fourth attribute maybe a Notes field (not mandatory string)


After creation of the empty collection, buy a lot of different Apples no more than three of the same type from any one shop

Start scanning, and during each sample squeeze some juice for the refractometer to get the independant sugar content reading
(I would cut the apple in half, and use half for the scanning, an half for the juice.)

In this way you will build up a collection of scans for different sweetnesses.

When you have a lot of scans you can create the model based on sugar content to see if it works.


is this helpful?