I believe I speak for many of us in saying that, after watching the SCIO introductory video & reading through all the material on the website, we had come to the same conclusion that the consumer app was already available, and that the SCIO we received could already be used to scan general materials, and that we’d all have access to that “general” (non-proprietary) scan data being contributed by the developer community in building our own custom apps. For example, one may specialize by creating proprietary scans of various wine/vintages, but they should be able to choose to include general scan data relating to other foods & drinks, enabling their app to be more user friendly & server more than a single specialized purpose.


So what you have started is that, contrary to everything we read on the website, we cannot build apps using community data, but we that only SCIO consumer apps will have access to that community data.


Now, Today, an email was sent out clearly stating that we all have an older generation SCIO v.1.0, and that consumers never received this model, and that all consumers will receive a new model SCIO v1.1. In addition, all scan data built for the SCIO v.1.1 will be not be compatible with the SCIO v.1.0, therefore, the assumption would be that the SCIO v.1.0 that all developers received will likely become obsolete, and never be able to use the upcoming SCIO consumer app?


Keep in mind some of us had just received the SCIO v.1.0 less than 30 days ago – so, in essence, we received obsolete devices that are already useless??