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Hi Igor,


For products that exist in our database, and if a relevant application was developed, oily substances can be detected.


Three notes should be taken into consideration. First, in order to develop the molecular sensing model and collect the database, access to samples and their chemical composition information will be needed.


Second, SCiO can identify polymers and plastics, but with limitations.

Colors may change the IR spectrum, making it impossible to identify the rubber (for example, many black rubbers are not only black in the visible, but also in IR, so practically they have no spectral signature for SCiO to measure).


Third, SCiO’s detection threshold is 0.1% or above – i.e. anything below a concentration level of 0.1% may not be detected.


In addition,  it will most likely be difficult to detect the oily additives if many oil materials were absorbed into the rubber. This requires further research.  


The research can be done using our SCiO Development Toolkit (DevKit), which allows users to create models and apps.


Let us know if you have further questions



The Consumer Physics Team