Hi All,

Mushrooms are my main area of interest and I have Scio and SDK. I have made a couple of efforts towards a model but realize the questions are far too many to approach in a broad way.


Someone mentioned morel and portabello earlier, but simple broad statements such as “these are both safe”are dangerous. As morel is not safe to eat in a raw state, and must be cooked to remove the hydrazine.


I have started a collection of wild mushroom scans, as there have been a couple varieties available to do so, but I am not sure what attributes to apply. Can I simply scan as many samples as possible now and apply attributes later? This is the number one question I have.

In my scans I have taken scans of the three surfaces mentioned above as well as cut surface.


The mushrooms I have scanned are

Lactarius deliciosus

Leccinum scabrum

Lentinula edodes

Agaricus bisporus – white and brown


The season has started so there will be many more