Hi Zach,


Unfortunately, we believe that your suggestion is most likely not feasible with SCiO.

First, SCiO should be placed up to about 5-15 mm (“0.2-0.68″) from the sample. The recommended distance is around 5mm (0.2”). So that scanning an object from 10/20/50 meters is not possible.


Secondly, specifically as for paint spots analysis – SCiO works in the Near Infrared range, so that any features of the paint which are in the visible range will not be detectable. Other chemicals placed may be detectable.


Generally speaking, notice that SCiO illuminates a spot of light over the sample with a diameter of about 20mm when the sample you are scanning is 10mm away from the SCiO sensor. The ability to scan depends on the light penetration into the material (can vary from microns for some elements, like stones, to centimeters for biological tissues and liquids). The scanned area is limited to the area that is illuminated by the SCiO illumination beam. Any area that is not illuminated is not scanned.


I hope it was helpful.



The Consumer Physics Team