2.3.4. I also haven’t created an app yet, but with the use of the “test model” and as I understand it, no, it not up to us. The models and equations are property of the company, and we don’t have access to them. We give the data, and the “cloud” creates the equations, stores them on the cloud and give back only statistical information about the model itself (like R^2). When someone uses the model, it just gives the result. The result is just “what comes closer from all the possible answers”, so even if you scan gasoline and run it by a model for milk, it will give you the closer answer between “cow”, “goat” or “sheep” milk even if the best answer is a 2% mach. That is also why we also see negative concentrations.

And because the models are property of the company, it isn’t easy (or maybe it is impossible) to be downloaded for offline use.


On the other hand, yes, the limits of a method are known to us, because we give the data. So yes, that is up to us.

If I have understand it wrong, please correct me!

* All the discussion concerns simple users and developers. I have the impression that researchers have access to more (or all the) information.

note: Don’t make me wrong. I am exited with scio, but I look how it would be better, and what makes me reluctant to create an app for users.

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