Let me just check if I’m¬†understanding this right:


You are scanning one of 2 substances: “Salt Solution” and “Sugar Solution”.

You have 2 Models- “Model A” which measures “Salt Content” and “Model B” which measures “Sugar Content”

As you do not know which solution is which, you use Model A, which measures “Salt Content”

If the value returned is within reasonable/expected parameters, you know that the substance is “Salt Solution” and the returned value can be trusted.

If the value returned is not within reasonable/expected parameters (e.g. 6000%) you know that the substance is not “Salt Solution” and is therefore “Sugar Solution” – In other words the wrong substance being measured by a model based on “Salt solution” is the cause of the unexpected results.

In this case, you scan the same solution again with Model B to determine it’s “Sugar content”

Model B returns a reasonable value for “Sugar Content” – as the substance matches the model.


Is this correct?


From what I can make of SCiO so far- at the moment this is the only way to go about it. Any sample you scan is being scanned in relation to a specific model, as opposed to picking a model based on the results. So by scanning the whole world with your “Salt solution” model you are going to be determining the salt content in everything- but not accurately, as of course the molecular makeup of everything else is wildly different and will throw the results.


My suggestion would be to have a simple identification model first – which categorizes a sample as “Salt solution”, “Sugar solution” e.t.c. Then rescan the sample against the appropriate estimation model.


I am not sure, but it might even be possible using the SDK to develop an app which uses the original scan results against 2 models. so your app would:

Scan Substance

Load scan results against the identification model and identify

Then IF Substance type=”Salt solution” load results into “Salt solution” model

Then IF Substance type=”Sugar solution” load results into “Sugar solution” model

Display: SUBSTANCE IDENTIFIED AS SUGAR SOLUTION. *Display values from Sugar Solution model.