Hi Dshedoo,


Our experiments show that SCiO can detect alcohol levels in drinks with good accuracy. We conducted these tests as part of our feasibility study for future applications we will develop. We are continuing to build these data collections and models to make them available for future use.


Evaluating for other ingredients in the beverage may also be possible, although we have not tried it ourselves. It should be noted that any component in the beverage which is below a concentration of 1% will not be detectable by SCiO. In addition, as SCiO is currently designed for the scanning of solid samples, a liquid sampling accessory (available soon) will be required in order to sample.


Unfortunately your suggestion to scan blood for insights about components found in concentrations of few ppm is not likely to be feasible with SCiO.¬†While we have not tested these thoroughly, we believe that SCiO’s NIR spectroscopy technology is most likely NOT suitable for trace detection of such components due to their low concentrations, which are below SCiO’s range of at least 0.1%.


However, scanning in concentrations above 0.1% with SCiO is generally feasible.



The Consumer Physics Team