Thanks for the reply, all I needed to do was to do was to add in a numeric field for packet number, and then the scio lab would then allow me to add in new samples. Maybe you could add in an autonumber field type. I have been scanning plastics today and I managed to get some nice spectrums. It would be very nice if I could get the spectral data so I can try to apply some mathematics to the derived data. I understand this is a researcher feature, but there is no way I can afford the reasearcher licence. I would like to be able to subtract one spectrum from another, generate cepstrums and apply fourier filters to the data. Maybe it would be possible to have the data for a small sample set to play around with ?

I am very happy to share anything I do with the scio community.

At the moment I am delighted to have recieved my SCIO and I am just experimenting with it to find out what it can do.