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Every time I write in the forum I feel uneasy, because I haven’t yet received my scio and I don’t know if I haven’t understand something correctly or it is answered when you start working with it. BUT… curiosity! So:


-following our concerns about the lack of %error (or something like that) in qualitative analysis, I was wondering: At the quantitative apps is there anything more than the % concentration? Does the user know the limits (lower and higher) of the method, or the possible % error?


– If there isn’t anything extra information at the free apps, at least is there any statistical tool in the SDK?

In order to develop ANY serious analytical method we need data like loq, lod, standard deviation, correlation coefficients, or at least the repeatability of measurements. Is there any statistical information like that? Or can we extract the data to perform this analysis with other software?


The good thing is that at least all these are software problems, and it is possible to be solved (add more software tools in the SDK)


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