Hey Max!
Thanks so much for contacting us!
The analysis of liquids requires a liquid accessory to provide the best quality measurement of the special optical characteristics of liquids. This product will be released in the near future.
As for your specific request:
Two processess/models are involved: Classification and Estimation.

Classification between water+oil (emulsion), pure oil and pure water seems to be feasible with relatively high accuracy.
Estimation of water content in the solution, might be more difficult due to higher risk error, yet should be feasible as well in a certain level of accuracy.

As for offline mode, The current versions of SCiO and the SCiO mobile application do not have the functionality to save or store your scans until WiFi or an internet connection is established. Therefore, scanning while offline is not possible at this time. However, we too see the potential of such a feature and are likely to add it into future versions.

Please let me know if additional information or clarifications are needed!