This is an interesting problem…
I think the main question is if the SDK allows you to perform this kind of modifications. To make a measurement with your 3d gizmo only , and then use it as a “blank” an automatically subtract it from all the other scans.
I haven’t received my scio and software, so I can not test it, but since you have, maybe you could play a little bit with the SDK and see if there is this possibility (and then tell the rest of us!)

If the software is capable of this kind of processing, then the next step is a small experiment: Scan something more complicate than salt (lets say an aspirin) on black eyeglass cloth, then scan you plastic holder empty (so to have a spectrum to subtract) and in the end the aspirin inside the plastic holder. If in the SDK you can make the subtraction, we will be able to see if the idea works!

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