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I was expecting a mail if someone answered and I haven’t checked. Sorry

thank you for the answer. That is exactly what I meant. For qualitative analysis, probably is easier to organize it. If someone scan a drug, and his scan is nothing like the other scans of the same drug, you can automatically delete it.
Quantitative analysis will be tricky! (Good luck!)

If I understand it correctly each app (yours and other creators’) will have an different database… one specific (for example) about drugs, one for plant leafs etc.Correct?
Will there be also a “general” database that anyone can scan anything, add description and upload?

Also, can creators make an app and then choose if its database will be open for everyone to add, or locked and only the creator can add scans?

I may burned you brain (and sorry for that), but it wasn’t enough to understand the way my crazy brain works!!
I have thought also what you mention and I agree with you.
You can understand what I meant if you read Hagai’s answer.
But lets play that game again and explain again! :yahoo: I have the time.

I has just asking if we (the users) could choose during the analysis of a sample, if we want the algorithm to take into consideration only some certified contributors or to use all the contributors (that may be not so reliable).

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  • This reply was modified 8 years, 8 months ago by sakrelaasta.