I have been researching … Ok, some would say Im just playing around, but work can be fun…


Anyway.  I have come up with a few LOW PRIORITY little click hogs that you might want to think about updating.


1) When your in SCiO Lab looking at a spectrum and decide to do a model of it and click on create model, it works just fine, but when you return to the spectrum it resets the “Group By”.  Its kinda a pain when looking at what the possible models might be for a group, I keep forgetting to change the group by when making a series of models.


2) When there is a Known .vs. Estimated model displayed, it would be really nice if you could click on a data point and go to the record.


3) When an attribute of list type custom is made while defining the model, you can rearrange the order of the way the list is presented, but when a model is made, it shows it in the order the custom list entries were made.


Im a software engineer by trade so I tend to catch obscure things that have NOTHING to do with the functionality.  I completely understand, when this is presented to the project leader they will laugh because there are 100 more important things to do than add bells and whistles to the web application…